Prologue: My Manifesto

With this post, I’m officially declaring myself a “psychoanalytically-minded essayist.”

I use the word “essay” as I’ll be writing short pieces across a wide variety of subjects. To essay literally means ‘to strive’ or ‘to make an attempt’ – and that’s all that I (or any of us) can do…

My corporate past offers me profound insight into both the inner and outer lives of modern-day professionals on the business and on the creative side.

I’ll often address “taboo” topics many might want to know more about but don’t often think about, or even speak of, because these topics are too uncomfortable, scary, hard and/or downright dangerous to bring up.

Because I’m a licensed psychoanalyst with a private practice, I can speak of these topics, practically and clinically - and with slightly less discomfort, fear, difficulty and/or danger.

And I shall.

Topics I’m considering include mental health, ambition, relationships and emotionality. If that’s not enough, I have a list of 100+ other themes. For the moment they’ll remain on my to-do list; soon they’ll surface too.

I’m excited to be someone who goes there – not to be provocative or controversial, but because we don’t go there often enough. I’ll ask, and start to answer, the harder questions that lurk beneath, and then I’ll pose a few additional, but related. questions to consider.

Many think our better angels keep us safe and secure. Ironically, by not going there (i.e., bravely exploring our thoughts & feelings about, well, pretty much everything) we actually become less secure and, therefore, less safe.

I’ll try to foment deeper exploration, offering a voice that captures some of what might be on your mind(s) - individually or collectively. Mine may not always be the voice of reason; but it will, hopefully, resonate as a song in the dark that few others dare sing.

Please be on the lookout for essays on a weekly basis. My objective will be to make you feel and think in 1,000 words or less. Sometimes I’ll nail it; sometimes I’ll fail on both counts - but never without good intent!

So, there it is. My ambition, publicly articulated.

This feels like a good place to stop, for now.

More very soon.



David Schoenberger